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Natural Fractions




To actually capture a portion of nature and transform that into a two-dimensional image using any medium, one's ability to see must exceed the depths of skin of the subject. What I would like to envision is that, which lies beneath the obvious.

In order to capture a natural scene in my head and transfer that image onto canvas, I have to rely on my physical and mental energy at any given time. Since this energy is inconsistent at delivery one must compose specific techniques and guide lines to help with this variable. Bear in mind that the issue of relativity is a continous battle and a dominant objective in this process.

 I first start with a detailed drawing in charcoal and continue with a wash in Burnt Sienna. This will discredit all the white that does not exist in nature. Shades of gold, orange and red will give an intense irreversible life to the gessoed canvas.

Then grays are composed using Burnt Sienna, Phthalo Blue or Cerulean Blue and Vandyke Brown to fit the mood.

 Now that the image is in The Gray Scale, it will be brought to life very slowly by application of light and heavy washes; dry brushing and any other possible venues before the final details are applied.

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