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Hoss was born in Iran on Feb. 27th 1956 . He was raised in a family where art played an important role. His father was an avid art lover and continued his art education in oil paintings all through his life by training under some most talented artists of his time. He established his own studio and gallery, which Hoss helped out to put together before leaving home.


Hoss considers himself a self taught artist in spite of his schooling and family influence, because he always knew he could paint even before he had owned a brush of his own and to him it was only the matter of time and destiny.


Hoss studied art at Moorepark and Ventura Colleges in Southern California for several years where he made his first sale at a student group show. In the early eighties he worked as a reproduction artist for almost three years for an art studio in California, where he repeatedly produced massive numbers of different styles and subjects in acrylics.


Finally, feeling stagnant in his pursuit to explore art, frustrated with his lack of artistic freedom and to satisfy his family's urge for higher education Hoss ended that job to pursue his education and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara.


Hoss moved to Oregon in June 1988 to fulfill his dream of self-employment and started his own business. After over ten years, he dissolved his business and with tremendously needed moral support from his wife, returned to his lifelong passion of oil painting although he had never put away his paint and brushes.


Hoss Daii holds a studio and lives on a small farm in Sherwood, 15 miles south of city of Portland with his family and their dogs along with many other pet birds.

Hoss only produces original work that are highly collectable and in demand: No prints, nor giclees. He is currently seeking new representations.



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